White woman caught stealing anti-Trump sign lectures Black man for 'disrespecting the current president'
Video catches woman stealing anti-Trump sign (Instagram/screen grab)

A white woman was caught on video admitting that she stole a sign because it was "disrespecting" President Donald Trump.

The incident was said to have occurred near Tampa, Florida. Video of the confrontation, which was said to have occurred on Election Day, was shared on social media.

The video begins as a Black man confronts the white woman, who has covered her license plate to prevent from being caught.

"Please let me go," the woman says. "Sir, I'm really sorry."

"You're sorry for what?" the man asks.

After the woman seemingly admits that she had taken the sign, the man asks her to "put it back."

"Yes, I will," the woman insists.

"Because I'm getting ready to call the police," the man warns. "You're from Hillsborough County coming here destroying the neighborhood I grew up in."

"I didn't destroy it," the woman argues. "It said 'Flush Trump' -- it said flush the turd."

"That's freedom of speech," the man observes.

"That's disrespecting the current president, sir," the woman lectures.

"That's freedom of speech," the man repeats.

According to The Ledger, the man in the video was identified as Demetrius Haynes, a member of Lakeland Police Department's Citizen Advisory Board.

Officers who arrived on the scene were said to have issued no citations and made no arrests.

Members of the Citizen Advisory Board unanimously voted to remove Haynes following the incident.

Watch the video below.