Wisconsin Republicans are blaming Mark Zuckerberg for Trump's loss: report
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged new steps to fix privacy at the social network amid a growing scandal over hijacked user data. (AFP/File / Josh Edelson)

Republicans in Wisconsin are blaming Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg of handing Joe Biden the election, Law&Crime reports.

The emergency petition for original action filed by the Wisconsin Voters Alliance and other individual petitioners blames “Zuckerberg money” for President Trump's loss.

“The petitioners are bringing this petition to ensure election integrity in any Presidential Election result in Wisconsin,” the petition reads. “A systematic effort was launched in Wisconsin, using millions of dollars in private money sourced to Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook billionaire, to illegally circumvent Wisconsin absentee voting laws, including primarily one absentee voting law which is the sole exception to Wisconsin’ (sic) photo ID law, to cast tends of thousands of illegal absentee ballots.”

“As set forth below, the Zuckerberg-funded private organization, the Center for Technology and Civic Life, gifted over $6,000,000 to the Cites of Racine, Kenosha, Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee, all Democratic Party strongholds, in order for those cities to facilitate the use of absentee voting in violation of Wisconsin law,” the filing continues.

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