Woman starts sobbing as she’s arrested for threats during Confederate protest
Screen grab

A supporter of embattled President Donald J. Trump was caught crying on camera while getting arrested for making threats during a protest in Albertville, AL against a Confederate monument at the Marshall County Courthouse.

Protestors have regularly met at the courthouse for months over a Confederate monument and flag that were on the property, but was removed last week.

Jessica Lynn Fry, 38, was charged with harassment, according to local News 19. “Police said Fry and another person at the protest got into an argument and Fry threatened the other person with bodily harm," according to the same source.

"Pro-Trump confederates showed up and this woman started threatening violence against peaceful protesters who were minors," one user reported.

"Oh, you started crying real quick, huh? You started crying real quick," one person behind the camera noted while laughing.

Watch the video below.