WSJ whacks Trump for chasing ‘dead end’ conspiracy theories about voting machines in scathing editorial
Donald Trump speaks to reporters in the Oval Office at the White House (Fox Business/screen grab)

The conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board on Wednesday whacked President Donald Trump for chasing yet another conspiracy theory that purportedly shows the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

The editors spend much of the piece debunking false claims being made about Dominion, the company that supplies voting machines in several states.

"Where’s the evidence?" the editors ask. "Strong claims need strong proof, not rumors and innuendo on Twitter."

They then go on to explain that Dominion is not controlled by the Venezuelan government, it is not a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, and that its systems did not delete millions of Trump votes.

It then urges conservatives to simply accept the reality that Trump was defeated in the 2020 election and that President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn into office on January 20th.

"In the George W. Bush years, the conspiratorial left focused on Diebold, a maker of electronic voting machines," they write. "It would be a mistake for anyone on the right to go down a similar dead end, especially if Georgia’s paper ballots give the same result as the computers."