'You're fooling yourself': CNN host tells Trump supporters to read the 'handwriting on the wall' — it's over
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

On CNN Saturday, anchor Michael Smerconish warned Trump supporters to accept the reality of their loss, and stop pretending there's some sort of secret ace in the hole they can pull to win between now and when states certify their results.

"I'll read some responses throughout the course of the program ... 'Smerconish, why are you starting out your show with NOW THAT THE ELECTION IS OVER when in fact, it's not! it hasn't been certified yet,'" said Smerconish. "Come on, trust the process. You know, that statement was the mantra for the 76ers for a long time. It might not be official, there is a process underway, and I respect the process."

"As a matter of fact, earlier this week I defended on radio the president's right to litigate whatever legitimate issues there might be," added Smerconish. "But there's a process, and it goes from tabulation to certification. Then the electoral college, then congressional acceptance ... I think you're fooling yourself if you don't think that the handwriting is on the wall. So I respect the process, but it's over."

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