'A liar to the end': CNN's Anderson Cooper slams Trump for continued falsehoods about COVID
Image via CNN.

On CNN Tuesday, Anderson Cooper played a clip of outgoing President Donald Trump discussing new developments on COVID-19 — and tore into his continuing dishonesty about the pandemic.

"The vaccine was our goal," said Trump in the clip. "That was number one, because that was the way it ends and you have immunity, you develop immunity over a period of time. I hear we are close to 15 percent. I am hearing that. That's terrific and it is a powerful vaccine in itself and tremendous progress has been made. One of the reasons we do show so many, and I say this and I have been saying it for a long time, so many cases, is because we have 200 million tests."

"Except the importance of the vaccine, none of what he said there was true," said Cooper. "You got to give him props, he's a liar to the end. Nor was anything true to this answer to a question. The Biden health team were not invited to the event."

"Sure, it is annoying to hear him lie continually, of course it is," said Cooper. "If you are sitting at home stewing and boiling about it, so what? It is now just meaningless. It does not matter what he says. The Supreme Court spoke today. It does not matter what that guy says. He's becoming the old guy at the party that does not have a home to go back to, just want the greatest hits to keep spinning. Everyone is leaving ... he keeps on repeating the same jive over and over again. Yeah, I said jive. Why not? It is Ivanka's problem now. She'll have to deal with it."

Watch below: