Anthony Scaramucci reveals what Donald Trump said about his legacy to White House aides
Anthony Scaramucci/CNN screen shot

Former campaign aide and communications director Anthony Scaramucci told CNN on Wednesday that President Donald Trump couldn't possibly care less about his "legacy."

Speaking to host Chris Cuomo, Scaramucci explained that history only matters to those he leaves behind. He joined the panel with former Trump lawyer Jim Schultz to discuss the kind of fake propaganda that Trump is pushing out about the election.

"Listen, it's terrible. Jim knows this because we did work together briefly in the office," recalled Scaramucci. "Jim was a hockey goalie taking shots on net of all this insanity and breaking them with great diplomacy. There is nobody like Jim left in the White House right now."

"So the president wants to transact," Scaramucci went on. "He wants to make money. He does not care about his legacy. He has told people privately, 'Why do I care about my legacy? I'll be dead.' So, he's looking at the next two, three weeks; how am I going to make money off this? How is this going to be good for me, post-presidency? Is there a chance I could still stay in the presidency? Ron Johnson and Rand Paul think there is a lot of unproven fraud. So, he's listening to those people, Chris. But trust me, this is all transactional from here until January 20th."

See the full interview below: