Bill Barr wants to 'get out of Dodge' to avoid stain of Trump's 'crazy' final act: CNN White House correspondent
President Donald J. Trump listens as Attorney General William Barr delivers remarks at a Medal of Valor and Heroic Commendations Ceremony Monday, Sep. 9, 2019, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Attorney General Bill Barr is stepping down from his post in just eight days -- and CNN White House correspondent John Harwood speculated on Tuesday that Barr simply does not want to be around for whatever President Donald Trump has planned for his last month in office.

While discussing Barr's impending resignation on CNN, Harwood said that it was difficult for even Trump loyalists to continue standing by the president's efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

"You can't be loyal enough for President Trump, and you can't be as crazy as Donald Trump," Harwood explained. "He is delusional right now -- some combination of cynicism and delusion is causing him to continue to press these phony election claims. And Bill Barr -- for whatever his level of sycophancy for the president -- he is not as crazy as Donald Trump."

Harwood then went on to predict that Trump is planning a host of rash actions in his final month that Barr does not want to have attached to his resume.

"He knows in the last month of the administration pretty much only bad things are going to happen with this president, given his state of mind, how agitated he is," he said. "Bad appointments, bad pardons, bad executive orders. So if you are Bill Barr, why not get out of Dodge before those things happen and before they attach themselves to your legacy?"

Watch the video below.