CNN reporter stunned as Trump’s legal team publicly feuds with his attorney general

Reporting on the recent statements to the Associated Press from Attorney General Bill Barr where he said the Justice Department has not seen any evidence to suggest widespread voter fraud, CNN's Brooke Baldwin pointed out that Barr's comments fly "completely in the face of the marathon of baseless claims the President continues to allege even today."

According to Baldwin, since Barr has largely been a Trump loyalist, his conclusion "means a lot."

During the segment, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins pointed out how Barr's comments directly contradict Trump's legal team. Collins then read a statement from Trump's legal team attacking Barr, saying the Justice Department isn't making an effort to look into the allegations.

"It is remarkable to see the President's legal team going after the Attorney General for knocking down [Trump's] baseless claims about election fraud," Collins said.

Watch the video below: