Conservative publication unloads on GOP for pretending to care about the debt now that Trump is leaving
Sen. Mitch McConnell, photo by Gage Skidmore

With President-elect Joe Biden due to be sworn in next month, Republicans in Congress have once again been making noises about lowering the nation's national budget deficit, despite the fact that they let the deficit explode under President Donald Trump.

The American Conservative's Matt Purple largely agrees with the GOP's newfound love of fiscal prudence, but he says he cannot abide by the party's hypocrisy of only caring about the issue when there is a Democratic president.

"Politics isn’t the problem here; the GOP has that down," he writes. "It’s how gallingly, nakedly hypocritical the entire charade has become."

He then goes through a litany of reasons no one should believe the GOP's sudden conversion to fiscal discipline is wholly opportunistic.

"Consider Senator Lindsey Graham, who tells The Hill he’s very worried about the snowballing national debt," he writes. "This is the same Lindsey Graham who fought like a wolverine for every defense dollar he could muster under Trump and who declared Trump’s 2017 budget 'dead on arrival' because it cut foreign aid... Republicans for two years under Trump controlled both houses of Congress amid a cracking economy. If they were going to reduce spending, this was the time to do it... Instead they chose to cut taxes, keep their paws off of entitlements, and lavish the Pentagon."

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