Conservative warns this is ‘the most dangerous 60 days’ of Trump’s presidency
Donald Trump during a White House press briefing. (Naresh777 /

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," conservative commentator Charlie Sykes warned that the final days of President Donald Trump's term will be the most dangerous at any point of his presidency.

"This is actually the most dangerous 60 days of the Trump presidency, because I think we can probably spare ourselves some heartburn if we recognize, there are no norms that he is not willing to violate, there's no standard of decency he is not willing to shred," said Sykes, referring to new reports that the Justice Department is investigating a potential pay-for-pardon scheme. "And unfortunately, he has put a target on [FBI Director] Christopher Wray's back right now."

"We have not even seen how low he's going to go on his pardonpalooza," said Sykes. "We don't know what the extent of the corruption is going to be. But what we do know is the president of the United States, running out in real time, is trying to overturn a legitimate, democratic election. If somebody would have suggested two years ago that we would be seeing a president of the United States that is actively trying to disenfranchise millions of voters to overturn an election and have himself declared the winner, people would have thought, oh, that's Trump Derangement Syndrome. But that's literally what's going on right now!"

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