Dem senator shames Steve Mnuchin to his face: 'You're leaving the country worse than you found it'
Steve Mnuchin appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on Tuesday shamed Trump Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin for his decision to not extend the Federal Reserve's emergency lending facilities that were designed to keep the economy afloat during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Brown started off by giving Mnuchin a blunt assessment of the state of the economy that he will be handing off to his successor.

"Last week, 778,000 people filed for unemployment insurance," he said. "In October, 3.4 million homeowners were past due when their mortgages, many of them will run out of forbearance options by April. As many as 40 million renters will spend the holidays worrying that they will be evicted on January 1st if their government, if we don't do our job."

He then zeroed in on Mnuchin for failing to extend the Fed's emergency lending tools.

"You're leaving the country worse off than you found it," he said. "Rather than using your final months in office to work for the people who you have sworn to serve, you appear to be trying to sabotage our economy on the way out the door. After the election, to cancel the Federal Reserve lending programs and taking away critical tools to invest in the communities and small businesses that make this country work, there is no legitimate justification for it!"

Watch the video below.