Detroit seeking sanctions against ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell after her lawsuits
Sidney Powell appears on Fox Business (Screen cap).

Democratic elections lawyer Marc Elias revealed Tuesday that President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Sidney Powell, might be punished for her irrational lawsuits.

According to a legal filing posted by Elias, Powell is facing charges of bringing a lawsuit for "improper purposes," including harassing the City of Detroit and frivolously undermining "People's faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government."

City Attorney David Fink wants federal judges to bar "Plaintiffs' counsel from practicing law in the Eastern District of Michigan," refer "Plantiffs' counsel to the State Bar of Michigan for grievance proceedings; and," grant "any other relief for the City that the Court deems just or equitable."

It's unclear if other cities or states will follow with similar suits.

For decades Republicans waged a political war against trial lawyers, saying that there should be an end to what they called "frivolous lawsuits." Some states even passed laws that allow judges to fine lawyers and the plaintiffs if the judge in the case deems the suit to be "frivolous." That's now coming back to haunt them as they launch such suits themselves.