Former federal prosecutor explains ‘how Lindsey Graham ended up like this’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is under fire again, this time it's for telling Georgia to throw out millions of votes to hand President Donald Trump a win in the state. It prompted a flood of comments questioning Graham, because he should know better. Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner thinks he has the answer for what happened to the Trump sycophant. His argument comes after a slate of attacks against Graham this week.

"Seriously, senator? Do your words still come from your brain, or just some reservoir of bile?" asked CNN's Chris Cuomo during the Tuesday episode of his show.

Former Republican and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt issued a statement about Graham too, saying that many people have tried to understand Graham over the years. He encouraged people not to look at it "through the prism of the manifest inconsistencies that exist between things he used to believe and what he's doing now."

Instead, Schmidt said, 'The way to understand him is to look at what's consistent. And essentially what he is in American politics is what, in the aquatic world, would be a pilot fish: a smaller fish that hovers around a larger predator, like a shark, living off of its detritus. That's Lindsey. And when he swam around the McCain shark, broadly viewed as a virtuous and good shark, Lindsey took on the patina of virtue. But wherever the apex shark is, you find the Lindsey fish hovering about, and Trump is the newest shark in the sea. Lindsey has a real draw to power -- but he's found it unattainable on his own merits."

But Kirschner has another idea. Back in 2016 it was revealed that Russians hacked Graham's email.

"I do believe the Russians hacked into the (Democratic National Committee). I do believe they hacked into (John) Podesta's email account. They hacked into my campaign account," said Graham just four years ago. "I do believe that all the information released publicly hurt Clinton and didn't hurt Trump. I don't think the outcome of the election is in doubt. What we should do is not turn on each other but work as one people to push back on Russia."

Kirschner thinks it's entirely possible that Graham is being manipulated using incriminating information found in those emails.

"So, after Lindsey Graham's emails are hacked by the Russians, and Donald Trump beckons Lindsey Graham out to a golf course meeting, all of the sudden, Donald Trump is fit to be president," he said. "Folks, that leaves us with two questions: What did Russia get when it hacked Lindsey Graham's emails? And what did Donald Trump say to Lindsey Graham when they were about to tee-off."

Kirschner thinks it's high time to find out the truth.

See the video below: