Fox News personality tested positive for coronavirus — ‘The Five’ will broadcast from home studios: report
‘The Five’ on Fox News (screengrab).

Fox News is taking precautions after one of its on-air personalities tested positive for COVID-19.

"Juan Williams, a veteran Fox News personality who co-hosts the popular afternoon talk show 'The Five,' tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday and is quarantining, two people who were briefed on his condition said. Mr. Williams taped a live episode of 'The Five' on Wednesday afternoon at Fox News’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters, appearing on the set with several of his co-hosts, including the popular conservative commentators Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld," The New York Times reported Thursday. "The hosts, like guests on some other cable talk shows during the pandemic, sat about seven feet apart."

Williams reportedly received this positive test result on Thursday afternoon and was not present for the show, which airs at 5 p.m. eastern.

"Fox News declined to comment about Mr. Williams’s condition, citing employee privacy. But the network said in a statement that the hosts of 'The Five' would broadcast from home studios 'for the foreseeable future.'"