Giuliani’s star ‘election fraud’ witness says ‘the Obamas funded that Wuhan lab to make COVID’: report
Mellissa Carone (Screen Grab)

Mellissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani's "star" witness during the Michigan state legislature "hearing" on non-existent election fraud has been widely mocked – so much so "Saturday Night Live" parodied her in its cold open last week.

The Daily Beast reports, "In her first interview since going viral—and getting lambasted by Saturday Night Live—Michigan IT contractor and 'voter fraud' 'witness' Mellissa Carone insisted to Inside Edition that she was not intoxicated during her 'hearing' with Rudy Giuliani last week."

“I wasn’t drunk,” Carone said. “I would swear under oath that I wasn’t drunk.” As for the waves of criticism she’s received for her incoherent performance, she said she’s “not hurt,” explaining: “That’s my personality.”

Mellissa Carone is now talking to right wing media, including Sarah Palin's website, where she shared her thoughts on the election and the coronavirus pandemic.

"Carone doesn’t mince words," Sarah Palin dot com reports. "While she’s been called ‘a drunk’ and ‘stupid’ by the basement dwellers, this mother of a four-year old and a four-month old keeps telling her story with a smile."

“This is what they do to Trump,” Carone said. It’s not going to work with me. I won’t back down because I am very religious and I know God is watching over me. This started with COVID. The Obamas funded that Wuhan lab to make COVID. Then the impeachment process. They’ve used every avenue possible to cheat, they used Dominion. Dominion software was created to cheat. I have a binder from Dominion that proves this. There’s so much more that will be exposed.”

And despite spending last week sharing a table with Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis – who both tested positive for coronavirus – she's not concerned, nor is she self-isolating.

Carone is resolute in her beliefs, which she says were forged in the private schools she attended.

“Trump won in a landslide,” said Carone. “We are going to prove it.”

She is not backing down, and warns she has a lot more valuable information.

“They’re scared because I have too much,” Carone said. “They’re scared of what I have. What is coming out next week is crazy. I found it all.”