GOP senator knows Trump lost but thinks it would be 'political suicide' to admit it: report

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is still spouting conspiracy theories about the election being "stolen" from President Donald Trump -- but according to one former Wisconsin Republican official, Johnson understands that Trump lost.

Mark Becker, the former Chairman of the Brown County Republican Party, writes at The Bulwark that he had a conversation with Johnson after the election in which the senator acknowledged Trump's defeat.

However, Johnson said that he was loath to admit it publicly because of the strong support the president had received from Wisconsin GOP voters, despite the fact that the president narrowly lost the state this year.

Or as Becker writes, Johnson believes contradicting Trump in public would be tantamount to "political suicide."

"Our discussion was mostly based in reality," writes Becker. "The senator understands Joe Biden’s victory. The problem is he refuses to live in that reality publicly, because of political considerations."

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