‘Hateful moron’: Trump supporter’s business faces the internet’s wrath after her anti-gay tirade goes viral

During an anti-lockdown protest outside the home of the Los Angeles Public Health Director, a woman wearing a Trump 2020 shirt was caught on video hurling homophobic slurs at the woman recording, also calling her a "Nazi" and a "new world order Satanist."

As it turns out, the woman owns an eyelashes and skincare business in Beverly Hills. After the video featuring her comments went viral, people descended on her Yelp page and shared their thoughts in the Recommended Reviews section.

"Covid Denying homophobe with a plastic face and filthy mouth, QAnon Trumpette," one person wrote. "Spend your money elsewhere."

"Gina gets 1 star because she thinks COVID and the deaths of healthcare workers is less important than her business of doing eyelashes," wrote another. "Also, Gina hates f*ggots so this f*ggot is leaving a 1 star review all the way from NY. Go f*ck yourself Gina."

"I always go to Ginas to look my best," one reviewer wrote sarcastically. "Wether it's a big gala fundraiser for gay conversion camps or just staying in to relax and call the police on my black neighbors, I know I'll be gorgeous and feel confident. Thanks Gina."

According to another reviewer, Bisignano's business is a "racist and homophobic establishment."

"Would definitely avoid," the reviewer wrote. "The namesake is a horrendous creature that refuses to follow CDC guidelines, putting her customer base at large in danger."

"This woman came to my neighborhood and yelled slurs at my neighbors all in the name of denying science," yet another person wrote. "She is a hateful moron who jeopardizes public health. Good luck with her touching your face."