Here's how Biden plans to roll back Trump's executive orders in his first 100 days
President-elect Joe Biden (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, CNN reported that President-elect Joe Biden is already mapping out his agenda for the first 100 days — including a series of actions rolling back outgoing President Donald Trump's executive orders on a wide spectrum of issues.

"Trump officials have gutted or hamstrung agencies whose charters clash with the President's long-running efforts to crush what his former chief strategist derisively labeled 'the administrative state,'" reported Gregory Krieg, MJ Lee, and Sarah Mucha. "That means an early effort, Biden indicated in his NBC News interview, to rebuild the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA, he said, has been 'eviscerated' by Trump."

Other executive actions Biden is reported planning include rejoining the World Health Organization and Paris Climate Agreement, re-engaging with labor unions for federal employees, redirecting money to combat violence against transgender women, and "directing that no White House staff or any member of his administration may initiate, encourage, obstruct, or otherwise improperly influence specific DOJ investigations or prosecutions for any reason." Some lawmakers are also arguing he has the authority to cancel up to $50,000 in student loan debt for millions of people.

Biden also has plans for a legislative agenda, with priorities including passing COVID-19 stimulus and fully restoring grant programs in the Violence Against Women Act, which expired in 2018. He has acknowledged that the success of these efforts will "depend on the kind of cooperation I can or cannot get from the United States Congress."