How the Trump-damaged GOP is headed down a dark path that could last for decades to come

The Electoral College vote is just days away yet Trump and his Republican minions are still attempting to achieve the impossible despite more than 50 post-election losses in court over the last six weeks. Throughout Trump's presidency, his colleagues have often remained mum on critical issues refusing to push back against him for fear of retaliation but the latest coup has gone much further than it should have.

An editorial published by The Daily Beast offers a measured assessment of Republicans' abandonment of Constitutional greatness to embrace polarization and divisiveness. The quixotic Texas lawsuit rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court proves just how far Republicans are really willing to go in the name of Trumpism.

While the publication outlines that such behavior would be expected from a minuscule fragment of the U.S. population which consists of "Trumpists, evangelicals, deranged Christian dominionists who believe they are preparing the way for the Second Coming" and "a whole lot of angry white people" who "feel like their country is being taken away from them," it raises concerns about the absence of "responsible Republicans" throughout this daunting legal fight.

Responsible Republicans are supposed to keep these people in check, sublimating their base instincts into patriotism that still waves the flag but doesn't vulgarize everything, literally demonize the other side, and cast any notions of truth or civility to the wind.

In just a matter of four years, it appears the entire foundation of the Republican Party has eroded and the divide is much deeper than just a difference in opinion on governing. Deep character flaws and a lacking moral compass are two components now guiding the Republican Party and that likely will not change with a simple transfer of power.

The writer implored Republicans to consider their actions instead of just "driving the United States of America off a cliff." In so many words, he asked where the line is drawn.

Don't Republicans, in public office or in the studios of Fox News, see how dangerous this is? Don't they care? Is there any issue—abortion, immigration, religion, regulation, personal liberty—that could possibly justify driving the United States of America off a cliff? Is it just a matter of power (as President Obama says in his new memoir) or, God forbid, ratings and ad dollars? Do they really, actually not give a s**t about our country?

At this point, if the Electoral College vote on Dec. 14 or the Georgia runoff on Jan. 5 does not lead Republicans to consider the error of their ways, perhaps they never will.