Jenna Ellis fumes at Bill Barr: He 'undercut' Trump with 'bizarre' election fraud denial
Maria Bartiromo appears on Fox Business with Jenna Ellis (screen grab)

Jenna Ellis, an attorney for President Donald Trump's campaign, on Wednesday slammed Attorney General Bill Barr over what she called a "really bizarre" denial of systemic election fraud.

On Tuesday, Barr had told the Associated Press that the Department of Justice has "not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election."

During an interview with Ellis on Wednesday, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo suggested that Barr's statement could convince election whistleblowers not to come forward.

"It's really bizarre that the attorney general came out with that statement," Ellis replied. "It really undercut the election integrity efforts. And to our knowledge, the Department of Justice has not interviewed any of our witnesses, looked at any of our evidence and really everyone -- every concerned American and the 74 million Americans that voted President Trump -- is wondering, where's the Department of Justice?"

Watch the video below from Fox Business.