Kayleigh McEnany is ‘useless’ as press secretary because she’s out of the loop: Washington Post analysis

Writing in the Washington Post this Thursday, columnist Erik Wemple says that while White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's job description is to speak on behalf of President Trump, she's not living up to that task very efficiently.

Citing a recent exchange where McEnany was asked is Trump still has faith in Attorney General Bill Barr over his statement to the Associated Press regarding the lack of evidence for mass voter fraud. Wemple points out that McEnany said, “The president, if he has any personnel announcements, you will be the first to know it.” When asked if Trump spoke with Barr since the AP story ewas published, McEnany replied, “I’m not aware if they’ve spoken."

Wemple goes on to cite other examples of McEnany being questioned about details regarding events in the President's schedule, where she in all cases gives the same answer: 'I don't know.'

"...it’s hard to overstate just how useless is a press secretary who’s frequently not 'aware' of discussions and developments and policy changes," Wemple writes. "When McEnany, for instance, says she’s not aware of any discussions between Trump and congressional allies on the election challenges, she’s neither confirming nor denying that they exist. Which is to say, her input has no value whatsoever."

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