'Lost their grip on reality': Arizona GOP slammed for pushing 'alternate' electors for Trump
Arizona Republican Kelli Ward, photo by Gage Skidmore.

On Monday, writing for The Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts tore into the Arizona GOP for trying to pressure Congress to accept a slate of "alternate" electors for President Donald Trump, who weren't certified by the state and have no legal basis. The stunt, she wrote, shows Republicans have "completely lost their grip on reality."

"On Monday, the state’s 11 electors met, as required by law, and cast their votes for Democrat Joe Biden, as required by law given that he … you know … won the election," wrote Roberts. "Also on Monday, the state GOP’s 11 fake electors met, as required by no one, and cast their non-existent votes, as required by their desperate need to continue to live in fantasyland."

"The party even sent out a press release – headlined Arizona Republican Presidential Electors Convene To Cast Votes For President Trump, Vice President Pence – along with an all-smiles picture of the 11 fake electors," wrote Roberts. "Then came the three-page 'Joint Resolution of the 54th Legislature', asking Congress to accept the 11 'alternate' electoral votes for Trump or 'to have all electoral votes nullified completely until a full forensic audit can be conducted.'"

23 legislators signed onto this effort, noted Roberts, in addition to state GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward.

"First off, the 23 Republicans have no actual power to do a darn thing," wrote Roberts. "They couldn’t even hold Monday’s committee hearing without getting permission from Senate President Karen Fann so I’m pretty sure they have no power by themselves to order an audit or to 'render the election inconclusive.' Not when the results already have been certified by all 15 counties and the state, and judge after judge has tossed out their various lawsuits aimed at overturning the results. But never underestimate a politician with delusions of grandeur."

"I’m sure it’ll be accepted," she concluded sarcastically. "I mean, it even has a state seal on it and everything so it must be real, right?"

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