National Review ripped after trashing Dr. Jill Biden for teaching in community college where 'slow' students go
Jill Biden (Screen Grab) 1

The National Review is the latest conservative outlet to trash Dr. Jill Biden for achieving a doctorate in education. But unlike the now infamous Wall Street Journal column, the National Review takes their attack to a whole new level of elitism.

After attacking Biden for her dissertation, film critic Kyle Smith claimed, "As for Biden, she has spent a lot of time teaching remedial English to slow learners in community colleges."

Smith, who doesn't have any advanced degrees, even bragged on Twitter ahead of releasing his attack that people would "love" it because it's "so mean."

It sparked outrage even among conservatives who replied to Smith asking what the point was in attacking her.

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin noted that it wasn't all that surprising to see this in the National Review as it is the same publication that opposed the Civil Rights movement and claimed Trump wasn't so bad.

It prompted calls of hypocrisy from others, asking why the National Review hasn't done a similar column about Sebastian Gorka's dissertation after his own Ph.D. adviser called him "inept." Similarly, former Speaker Newt Gingrich got his Ph.D. in European history, writing a dissertation on "Belgian Education Policy in the Congo 1945–1960." He was able to do that project while avoiding the draft to Vietnam. The National Review hasn't addressed those two, who actually served in a paid public office.

Others questioned where the righteous indignation was when first lady Melania Trump was given an “Einstein visa,” issued through the “elite” EB-1 program.

Another noted the irony of Mr. Smith's attacks on people who name-drop their credentials to name-dropping his Bachelor's Degree from Yale.

While some called Smith "small" and "petty," others said he "just felt confused and intimidated."

Ironically, Smith's attack on Biden's dissertation never cites it or says what it was about. It was on the ability to retain information in a community college setting.

You can see the other responses in the tweets below: