Oregon doctor faces suspension after boasting at Trump rally that he never wears a mask
Image via YouTube.

According to NBC Los Angeles, an Oregon doctor who boasted that he never wears a mask and compared COVID-19 to the "common cold" has had his license suspended by the Oregon Medical Board.

"Steven LaTulippe made the comments Nov. 7 during a 'Stop the Steal' rally in support of President Donald Trump outside the State Capitol in Salem," said the report. "'I want to expose what I call corona mania,' LaTulippe said in a video posted on YouTube by the political group Multnomah County Republicans."

The "Stop the Steal" rallies, which are linked to Trump ally Roger Stone, have sought to overturn the results of the presidential election.

"According to the emergency suspension, LaTulippe in July allegedly told a patient who asked for guidance on when to get tested for the coronavirus that asymptomatic people should not be tested and that wearing a mask does not prevent transmission," said the report. "LaTulippe directed the patient not to self-isolate because being around other people would provide immunity from Covid-19, according to the state board's document."

Watch LaTulippe's rally speech below: