Pence’s rally for Georgia runoffs goes off the rails as Trump supporters chant ‘four more years’
VP Mike Pence at a campaign rally in Georgia (screengrab).

The White House is walking a tight-rope in Georgia as Donald Trump continues to falsely claim he won the re-election while attempting to convince Republicans to turn out and vote to keep control of the U.S. Senate as a check on the incoming Democratic administration.

Georgia is hosting two U.S. Senate runoff campaigns in January. If Democrats win both, the body will be tied 50-50 -- allowing Vice President-elect Kamala Harris the opportunity to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Republicans in the Peach State have worried that the unfounded allegations of fraud will depress GOP turnout.

Trump himself has lashed out at Georgia's Republican governor, Brian Kemp.

The mixed messages were on display on Friday as Vice President Mike Pence attempted to rally Republicans to turn out for the Senate runoffs.

Pence was interrupted by Trump supporters chanting "four more years" -- even though Trump lost the state and the election.