Republican shames Sen. Ron Johnson for being too afraid of Trump to uphold Wisconsin election
Ron Johnson speaks at a Senate hearing (screen grab)

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R) is giving cover to President Donald Trump for his non-stop crusade to steal the election from President-elect Joe Biden. One of Johnson's former county chairs is coming out against him.

In an MSNBC interview Wednesday, Mark Becker, the former chair of the Brown County Republican Party, revealed Sen. Johnson is too scared of Trump to stand up to him, saying that it would be "career suicide."

"It was an interesting conversation," said Becker. "So, yeah, it was -- I wanted to reach out to Sen. Johnson to just either -- I don't know if it was a fool's errand to see if I could sway him from stopping doing what he was doing or just to pick his brain to see if I could, you know, try to get some other Republicans to just see the light a little bit. So, it was really eye-opening to spend some time talking with him and hearing what he had to say."

Host Chris Hayes said that his sense from Becker was that Johnson knows that there is no election fraud.

"I don't know whether these people believe their own myths or not, and my takeaway from your conversation is that Ron Johnson knows the fraud stuff is nonsense. What was your sense?" he asked.

Becker said that it was the most frustrating part of his conversation with Johnson.

"Even if you don't believe what I wrote, that's fine," he explained. "Don't believe that. But believe Donald Trump's own attorney general. Just this one time, though. Believe him on this one thing, that there wasn't enough fraud in this election to really overturn the results. And if you don't want to believe what I wrote, that's fine again. But believe the people, the Republican elected officials, or the election officials in battleground states that are saying the same thing. Joe Biden won, full stop. And Ron Johnson knows that, but he's -- you know, he's decided the political calculations is too great, that he doesn't want to tick those people off. So, that's -- that's what's happening."

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