The odds that Trump 'might just fade away' after leaving the White House are pretty good: op-ed
Donald Trump during a White House press briefing. (Naresh777 /

Writing in The Atlantic this Tuesday, Yascha Mounk contends that after President Trump leaves the White House, Americans will soon grow tired of his quest to stay in the limelight.

While it's understandable that many think Trump will succeed at keeping people's attention, a sign of what's to come is manifesting itself in the fading veneer of his invincibility, according to Mounk.

"He lost his bid for reelection, and staged the most incompetent coup attempt since Woody Allen’s Bananas," Mounk writes. "He can rant and rave about what happened in November, but he can’t keep his followers from seeing Joe Biden inaugurated in January. Fear of what he might attempt next is giving way to laughter. He looks weaker and more scared by the day."

Trump recently suggested at a White House party that he will launch a 2024 campaign, according to two GOP sources who spoke to Fox News.

He has also reportedly been considering launching his own news network. "He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it," a source told Axios.

But according to Mounk, those who plan to invest in any kind of media venture Trump launches after his tenure should take heed.

"If Trump follows the lead of other authoritarian populists like Hugo Chávez and hosts a regular television program, he can undoubtedly induce his most devoted fans to tune in," Mounk writes. "But to be commercially viable, his channel would have to expand that core audience, recruit other hosts who are capable of sustaining the public’s attention, hire journalists who can actually cover what is going on in the world, and attract advertising from run-of-the-mill corporations."

In conclusion, Mounk says that Americans will ultimately grow bored with Trump. Yes, it's possible he could stage a spectacular comeback -- "But what is possible need not be likely."

Read the full op-ed over at The Atlantic.