Trump brutally taunted by conservative for losing to the man he dubbed a 'loser'

In his column for the Daily Beast, conservative -- and former Republican--  Matt Lewis taunted Donald Trump over his loss to former Vice President Joe Biden, reminding the president that he called his opponent "a loser" on the campaign trail and claimed it would be embarrassing to lose to him.

Under a headline reading, "A Question for Donald Trump: What Do You Call Someone Who Loses to ‘a Loser’?" Lewis rubbed the president's face in the fact that his hubris and boasting are now coming back to bite him on the butt as he faces the humiliation of being a one-term president.

Lewis kicked off his column with a brutal: "Riddle me this, Donald: What does losing to a loser make you? It makes you the biggest loser."

The conservative's criticism of the president didn't get much nicer after that.

"I’m talking, of course, about Trump’s farcical notion that lame Joe Biden couldn't possibly have beaten him. While other arguments may require you to embrace conspiracy theories or bone up on detailed (if flawed) knowledge about mail-in ballots, signature matching, etc., this one has the benefit of requiring only what passes for 'common sense,'" he wrote, adding, "To Trump supporters, the very thought that Biden could have beaten Trump is, on its face, an absurd notion. All Trump has to do is float this fallacious idea out there. And so, he has—in many different varieties and flavors."

"Biden has been mocked for hiding in his basement and not really campaigning. But if you lose to someone who went 'days/weeks while hardly campaigning,' what does that say about you?" Lewis recalled. "Look at how down-ballot Republicans overperformed, even as Trump lost. Perhaps Trump should consider that he was less popular than a generic Republican, was actively hated, and was driving turnout for boring, old Joe Biden."

Lewis went on to admit that the president was trying to puff up his own image as a fighter for his adoring fans, and that he has spent the past four years creating an "alternate reality" for them, but that the loss to Biden burst that bubble in spectacular fashion.

Adding that the president's most avid fans will likely go to their graves believing the election was stolen from their hero, Lewis suggested that Trump will soon face the reality that he did, indeed, lose and will go down in history losing to a man he called a "loser" -- who received over 80 million votes.

"In the meantime, Donald Trump finds himself a one-term president who (by his own admission) lost to a man who has lost a step," Lewis wrote before sticking the knife in one more time and adding, "He’s a loser, baby. So why won’t he go away?"

You can read the whole piece here (subscription required).