Trump supporters despair at 'pathetic' turnout at their Michigan 'Stop the Steal' rally
Participants in the Million MAGA March in support of President Trump and his futile effort to overturn the 2020 election. (Phil Pasquini /

Michigan Trump supporters expressed sadness and frustration that their "Stop the Steal" rally on Monday failed to attract significant crowds. reports that pro-Trump demonstrators in the Michigan capital of Lansing on Monday were actually outnumbered by journalists and police officers, which caused consternation among the protest's organizers.

"Those who didn’t show up are soft," said protester Forrest Ray, who bemoaned the "pathetic" turnout at the event. "This fight doesn’t stop just because it’s cold."

GOP lawmakers in Michigan brought their own "alternate" slate of electors on Monday to the state house to falsely declare President Donald Trump the winner of their state, despite the fact that the final tally shows he lost Michigan by more than 150,000 votes.

At the end of the day, Michigan's actual electors delivered their state's 16 electoral votes to President-elect Joe Biden.