Trump threatens troop funding veto to settle scores over his social media lies getting disclaimers
White House photo by Shealah Craighead

President Donald Trump continued to threaten a veto of funding of U.S. troops while insisting lawmakers insert an unrelated telecommunications amendment into the legislation.

"Congress is moving forward on a must-pass defense policy bill without repealing a legal shield for social media companies, rejecting a last-minute veto threat from President Donald Trump," Politico reported Wednesday. "The final version of the National Defense Authorization Act that will soon be considered by the House and Senate won’t include Trump’s long-sought repeal of the legal immunity for online companies, known as Section 230, according to lawmakers and aides. Republicans also made clear they weren’t going to bend to Trump."

“You can’t do it in this bill. That’s not a part of the bill,” Senate Armed Services Chair Jim Inhofe (R-OK) explained.

Trump complained about the result, insisting the amendment was necessary for "national security and election integrity."

Trump, however, lacks credibility on election integrity as it is his lies about fraud that resulted in the warning labels he's now complaining about.

"I will VETO!" he threatened.

TechDirt editor Mike Masnick summed up the situation.