Trump's inner circle turns on right-wing lawyer Lin Wood after his unhinged Georgia press briefing

Lin Wood, a celebrity lawyer taking part in Sidney Powell's conspiracy theory-laden effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, is now being accused by Trump loyalists of helping Democrats, according to the Daily Beast.

Wood has accused the state of Georgia of conducting a corrupt election and that the state should be awarded to Trump. This Wednesday, he called on Republicans to boycott the upcoming Senate runoff elections unless the state's Republican governor Brian Kemp investigates their allegations of mass voter fraud.

Now, according to the Daily Beast, people close to Trump are accusing him of hurting the Republican Party.

“Anyone who cares about the future of our country needs to ignore the fools and support President Trump by voting for Republicans in the Georgia elections,” one senior Trump aide told The Daily Beast. “Many of us think Lin Wood is actively working against our mission to elect President Trump’s allies in Georgia. He said so himself.”

Sources tell the Daily Beast that Trump himself called Powell and Wood, urging them to back off their calls for a boycott. The call was also reported on by Axios.

While sources speaking to the Daily Beast chose to remain anonymous, their complaints about Wood seem to be confirmed by a tweet from the official account of the Trump War Room, which linked to a Breitbart article slamming Wood for his history of voting for and donating to Democrats.

Wood, in a text to the Daily Beast, nevertheless seemed unmoved by the apparent attack coming from the campaign he's working to save.

“[The] Trump campaign needs to demand that Governor Brian Kemp call a special session of [the] Georgia legislature…Loeffler and Perdue should make that same demand. The general election was a fraud. After [the] legislature fixes the voting process, then get out and vote. Seems like good old common sense to me."

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