WATCH: Denny's waitress quits on the spot after frustration with anti-maskers boils over

A video posted to Reddit this Tuesday shows a waitress at a Denny's restaurant quitting on the spot after being confronted by a pair of men refusing to wear masks inside the building.

"We have a religious exemption," the man filming the video says to the woman. "We just don't want to wear a mask."

The woman politely tells the man he's required to wear a mask, prompting him to claim that he's covered by the "Civil Rights Act."

"You know what? I quit!" the woman says, slamming down the menus in frustration. "I f*cking quit! What is wrong with you people?"

"I'm not working for this sh*t anymore!" she says, halfway out the door. "These guys won't put their masks on, I'm sick of feeling like this!"

Watch the video below: