White House is a ‘toxic’ environment now as Trump staffers plot their exits
Donald Trump during a White House address on December 2, 2020. (Screenshot/Facebook)

The number of staffers at all levels planning to leave President Donald Trump's White House is growing by the day -- and some of them are starting to speak out.

Multiple sources inside and outside the White House cited a variety of reasons for the exodus already underway, ranging from the urgent need for employment to a palpable disgust with Trump's ill-fated election challenges, according to CNN.

One senior administration official described Trump's White House as a "toxic" place to work.

"I think people are moving on because they have families or livelihoods to support," the official said. "That, and the place is becoming more toxic by the day ... people turning on each other, trying to settle scores while they can."

"Some are moving on," another White House adviser said. "It's time."

Except for Trump.

"No one expects him to concede. No one!" the adviser said.