CA Dems are trying to see who can out-Republican each other
Photo by Maayan Nemanov on Unsplash

A state Senate seat in California got contentious in Sacramento when the two Democrats in the race started debating which one of them was the most Republican.

"Former insurance commissioner Dave Jones and Sacramento City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby have both spent the final weeks of the midterm election trying to pick up Republicans they may need to win Senate District 8," reported the Sacramento Bee on Tuesday. "The competition has been fierce, and their attempts to win over GOP voters have devolved into attacks on each other."

Ashby started it by sending out a text message in October about people claiming to be Republicans announcing, “the choice for me is clear in this election.” The text goes on to promote Ashby as an “advocate for local businesses” and support for “funding for police, fire and emergency response.”

“That’s why Ashby is endorsed by local Republicans, independents, business leaders, firefighters and police officers,” the message proclaimed.

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Jones responded with mailers trying to tell GOP voters that Ashby was linked to Gov. Gavin Newsom because he has endorsed her.

“Democrat Angelique Ashby is trying to trick Republican voters,” the mailer claims. “If Ashby is pretending not to be a Democrat, what else is she lying about?”

The flip side says: “Angelique Ashby is lying to Republican voters,” followed by text making claims that she lied trying to court GOP voters. It also attacks her endorsement from the Feminist Democrats of Sacramento, attacking them as a "liberal group."

The mailer caused Jones some problems, however, after Newsom's executive secretary Jim DeBoo tweeted the mailer out tagging California Democratic Party chairman Rusty Hicks.

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“@CA_DaveJones you are endorsed by the @CA_Dem but you sent a piece of mail to republicans denouncing democrats (sic)?” DeBoo said. “I guess sometimes nothing is surprising. @sacdems @rustyhicks what you say? Can’t imagine you endorse this behavior.”

In a statement on Monday, the Feminist Democrats said that Jones' mailer “hypocritically targets our chartered Democratic club” and they're “disheartened by the decision to use us as pawns for political gain with Republican voters, whose values run afoul of our club’s progressive principles.”

It isn't shocking to see this, as California's elections offer the top two vote-getters a chance at running in the general election. So, now there are many races where it's Democrat vs. Democrat instead of D vs. R. Elections have been going on in California like this for several cycles, but it has garnered some national attention, leading to shock that doesn't take into account how the elections in the state work.

Read the full report at the Sacramento Bee.