Conservative begs Democrats to give Biden 'a win' so they don't lose to Trump's 'nutty Republican Party' next year
President Donald Trump (AFP/File / Nicholas KAMM)

On CNN Monday, Mona Charen, a writer for the conservative National Review, highlighted the urgency for Democrats to secure a win for President Joe Biden in the infrastructure negotiations, as they also seek to avoid losing control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

"One of the things that a lot of Democratic strategists think that they have to their benefit is Donald Trump," said anchor Jake Tapper. "Donald Trump is still out there chasing out of the party, or out of a job, Congressman Gonzalez of Ohio, for example. A Republican whose only sin was that he doesn't want to lie about the election. The Wall Street Journal had a very powerful editorial in favor of Gonzalez and pointing out the more that Trump does this, the harder it is for the Republican Party to win elections."

"Which ties us back to Gloria's point, which is Biden needs a win," said Charen. "He needs to be seen as successful. The Democrats are acting as if, if they lose, if they are unsuccessful, that the Republican Party that's going to take over is the party of McCain and Romney. It's not. It's this nutty Republican Party that Donald Trump is even now forming in his image with, you know, secretary of state races and local races where he is trying to put in place the kinds of people who will not do what — who will do, rather, what Republicans refuse to do in 2020, namely overturn a fair election."

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Mona Charen warns of the consequences of a Republican takeover for the Biden agenda