Trump diehards are gunning for key electoral precinct positions that will help them steal the 2024 race: reporter
Trump supporters at Stop the Steal rally outside Minnesota State Capitol. (Photo credit: Chad Davis)

Pro Publica reporter Isaac Arnsdorf told CBS News on Tuesday that supporters of former President Donald Trump are trying to take over the Republican Party from the ground up to ensure that Trump will win a hypothetical rematch with President Joe Biden in 2024.

Specifically, Arnsdorf said that one-time Trump political strategist Steve Bannon is pushing his fans to become precinct officers in key swing districts so they can wield influence over how elections are conducted.

"These precinct positions, which a lot of people probably aren't familiar with, actually have a lot of influence over, not just the leadership within the party, but actually how elections are run," Arnsdorf explained.

Arnsdorf said that Trump supporters believe the only reason he was not able to pull off his attempts to stay in office earlier this year was because the GOP supposedly didn't "fight" hard enough to keep him in the White House.

"The explicit premise of this movement is that the election was stolen," he added. "And the purpose of this movement taking over the party organization is to stop that from happening again."

In essence, he said, the debate within the GOP right now is "how hard they're willing to fight for Trump" and how far they'll go to put him back in office.

Watch the video below.

Far-right supporters are seizing low-level government positions to influence how elections are run