Racist man who allegedly chased Black families out of town gets busted by the FBI

A Milwaukee-area man has been charged with a federal hate crime after he was accused of leaving threatening notes for his neighbors and slashing their tires in West Allis, Fox6 reports.

William McDonald, 44, has been charged with interfering with another person's housing rights because of their race, which is a federal hate crime. As he was being arrested, authorities found a note with a racial slur in a sandwich bag, which was similar to a note found on a car nearby.

"Drive like a stupid ghetto f***** (N-word) in MY neighborhood. This is what happens b****. I'm watching all you f***** monkeys around here. Get the f*** back to the northside ghetto where you belong. Next time it will be your windshield you piece of s**** f****** (N-word). TEST ME!" the note read, according to FBI Special Agent Colleen Brennan.

In an interview with investigators, McDonald said, "So I'm getting arrested for a note that you found in my car?"

Speaking with Fox6, Wilkerson and Tanathie Addison say they had seven tires slashed and a window broken. There was a total of nine total victims in the neighborhood.

"We’re pretty much the target right now, but we want to make sure if anyone else moves here, that’s of our skin tone – Black, brown whatever it is – that they shouldn’t have to go through this," Wilkerson said.

The threats were connected to McDonald partly to due to the FBI setting up surveillance cameras in the area.

Most of the victims moved out of West Allis, according to the complaint.

Fox6 captured McDonald's arrest in their report, which you can watch below:

West Allis hate crime charge after notes left, cars vandalized | FOX6 News Milwaukee www.youtube.com

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