Florida Lt. Gov. accuses Disney of 'sexualizing children' in latest embrace of QAnon-style rhetoric

Republicans in Florida are betting big on opposing LGBTQ equality as Gov. Ron DeSantis wages war on Disney World for protesting the GOP's so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill.

On Thursday, the Florida House followed the state Senate in revoking Disney's special tax district.

"The Walt Disney Company, a longtime engine of Florida's economy, now finds itself in a disorienting position: Enemy of Florida's governor Ron DeSantis. And let's be clear about the root cause: Resistance to LGBTQ equality," CNN's Brian Stelter reported Thursday. "It is a conservative backlash to growing acceptance of gay and transgender people, with entire networks and websites programming to a fear that conservative beliefs are being trampled on."

Attorney Tristan Snell, who prosecuted Trump University, noted the attacks are QAnon-adjacent.

Writing in The Washington Post, Greg Sargent said DeSantis signing the bill will "point to a potential future Republican Party that envisions an expanded use of state power to fight the culture wars in a much broader and more pernicious sense."

On Thursday, Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez went on Newsmax to complain about Disney, which she publicly accused of "indoctrinating" and "sexualizing children."