'Accountability is coming for Sidney Powell and maybe even for Donald Trump': Impeachment lawyer
(Screenshot via YouTube.com)

Speaking on CNN this Wednesday, former White House ethics czar Norman Eisen says the Georgia GOP's push to enact sweeping new voting restrictions is a "voter suppression bill, flat out."

According to Eisen, there's "no need" for enhanced voter ID requirements or cutting back on voter drop boxes.

"This is just an attempt to block thinly veiled, racially-motivated attempt to block voters that the politicians don't like. ... In the United States, it's the voters who pick their politicians, not the other way around," Eisen said, adding that if the bill passes, it'll likely draw some "litigation attention."

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin then shifted the focus to former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who recently responded to a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems by saying "no reasonable person" would have believed her claims about mass voter fraud in the 2020 election. When asked if he thinks her defense will work, Eisen said that a "close study" of the election fraud cases brought by Powell that have been thrown out shows that Dominion's libel case against her is "well-founded" and that her defense actually is "helping the plaintiffs."

"She's not gonna get away with this. Accountability is coming."

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