Adam Schiff comes back at 'projecting' Trump after CPAC attacks
Composite image of Adam Schiff and Donald Trump (screengrabs)

Former President Donald Trump went after Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) during his Sunday CPAC speech. Trump had ordered that Schiff, his staff and his family be spied on by the government because he suspected that Schiff was leaking classified information to the press.

In his speech, Trump went after Schiff three times, reigniting his nickname "shifty" and saying that everything Schiff said was "pure bullsh*t."

"When I came in, [Devin Nunes] was in the basement of an office building. The basement of the White House. They said, sir, there's a Congressman and he's going through files and files because he knew that what Shifty Schiff was saying was pure bullsh*t," said Trump.

"He's always projected his own immorality onto others," said Schiff. "No longer President. But still the same grifter."

See the tweet below: