Massachusetts town declines to fire cop who has kept photo of Hitler in his locker for two decades
Hitler (Shutterstock)

Leaders in the Massachusetts town of Williamstown have declined to fire a local police officer who has kept a photo of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in his locker for the past two decades.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that there has been an uproar in Williamstown after it was revealed that police officer Craig Eichhammer kept a photo of Hitler in his locker, although the officer insisted that it was just a "joke."

However, Andrew Hogeland, the Williamstown Select Board chair, said that he didn't believe the town had the authority to fire Eichhammer for this offense, even as he acknowledged that it's a bad look for someone who is charged with serving and protecting the community to keep a photo of one of history's greatest mass murderers in his locker.

"We understand, and agree, that an officer having a photo of Hitler in a police locker is unacceptable and is highly offensive to the community," he said.

Nonetheless, Hogeland went on to explain why Eichhammer would not be fired for this offense.

"Though we understand the pain and fear that underlie the advocacy of some of our residents for termination, our understanding of the facts and applicable law is that the Select Board has no jurisdiction to reverse or modify those decisions," he said.