Fox News Laura Ingraham says Biden better not bring any Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban to the US

Right-wing firebrand Laura Ingraham blames President Joe Biden for the tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan, but her main concern is the idea that Biden would allow any Afghanis into the U.S.

Both sides of the aisle have advocated for the U.S. military to go get those who helped American soldiers over the past 20 years out of the country and to a safe and secure life. Not Ingraham, however.

On her Monday show, the Fox News host complained about Afghan people making their way to the United States

"Is it really our responsibility to welcome thousands of un-vetted refugees from Afghanistan?" she asked.

Ingraham noted that all day people have been saying that the U.S. promised them we'd save them.

"Well? Did you?" she asked.

Those who helped Americans are now marked for death by the Taliban.

Watch the video below: