'What's wrong with you?' Attorney shames Arbery killers' lawyers for 'horrific' closing arguments
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On CNN Monday, L. Chris Stewart, the former co-counsel for Ahmaud Arbery's mother, tore into the closing arguments of the attorneys for the men accused of killing Arbery, slamming them as inappropriate.

"As closing arguments wrap up for the day, which side do you think has made a more effective case, do you think?" asked anchor Jim Acosta.

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"Clearly the prosecution, especially when we saw today the defenses that were being put on," said Stewart. "It was disrespectful, horrific."

He then took aim at defense lawyer Laura Hogue, who elicited gasps in the courtroom when she described Arbery as wearing "khaki shorts, with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails."

"Attorney Hogue should be ashamed of herself," he said. "To bring up his feet in the middle of trial? What's wrong with you? Not only disrespecting Ahmaud, but you know his mother was right there. Attorney Sheffield tried to make Travis into a cop, which he's not. He's not trained like our law enforcement are. And Mr. Gough, I have no earthly idea what he was saying or what he was trying to defend."

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L. Chris Stewart slams McMichaels' attorney for attacking Ahmaud Arbery in closing argument www.youtube.com