Aileen Cannon was 'smacked down' after 'inserting herself' to protect Trump: Florida prosecutor
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On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeal for the Eleventh Circuit struck a catastrophic blow to former President Donald Trump, completely ending the special master review of the documents seized by FBI agents in the search of Mar-a-Lago for classified material.

The ruling is a complete repudiation of Trump-appointed District Judge Aileen Cannon, who ordered the review in the first place, said Palm Beach County Attorney Dave Aronberg on MSNBC's "The Beat."

"For folks just catching the news and your view of it, given there was so much back and forth, tell us in plain English what this ruling means to you," said anchor Ari Melber.

"This is a smackdown," said Aronberg. "It says that Judge Cannon should never have exercised jurisdiction over this matter. Remember, Judge Cannon is in a county, two counties away, 68 miles from West Palm Beach. She inserted herself into this case when it was in the hands of Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhardt. That's what Trump's team wanted. She took jurisdiction and then she gave them everything they wanted including a special master, including a stay of the proceedings and the appellate court said no, no, no. You have no jurisdiction here. You should not have appointed the special master. You should not have delayed the investigation because this sets a bad precedent, and Donald Trump doesn't get special privileges because he's a former president."

The consequence of the ruling, added Aronberg, is that "Donald Trump is going to go through some things" and "this case is game on."

"I think what this [ruling] does is it speeds up the charges," said Aronberg. "I have felt that Trump will be indicted for the documents matter; now that this is out of the way, that's one more obstacle gone. I think charges will be coming at some point after the [Georgia Senate] runoff."

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Dave Aronberg says Aileen Cannon "inserted herself" into Mar-a-Lago case