Appeals court sets deadline for Trump lawyers to respond to DOJ: report
Judge with gavel (via Shutterstock)

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals set a Tuesday deadline for Donald Trump's attorneys to respond to the Department of Justice call for a partial stay of a controversial opinion by Judge Aileen Cannon.

In a Friday evening filing, the DOJ said the government would face irreparable harm without a partial stay.

“The court’s order hamstrings that investigation and places the FBI and Department of Justice … under a Damoclean threat of contempt,” DOJ argued. "It also irreparably harms the government by enjoining critical steps of an ongoing criminal investigation and needlessly compelling disclosure of highly sensitive records, including to [Trump’s] counsel.”

The Appeals Court set a noon deadline on Tuesday for Trump to respond.

Politico described the DOJ filing as "an unsparing rejection of Cannon’s handling of the entire matter, saying it has jeopardized national security, is based on flimsy or baseless interpretations of executive privilege and could enable further obstruction of efforts to recover additional missing documents."

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti said, "very quick response from the Court of Appeals, which is a good sign for DOJ."