Experts slam Judge Cannon's latest pro-Trump ruling: ‘Hilarious, corrupt, shameless, and obvious’
Trump speaking at a rally in 2019. (

Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon generated controversy again on Thursday after ruling for Donald Trump's lawyers on a case management plan for Special Master Raymond Dearie.

Dearie had given Trump a Sept. 30 deadline to attest to what was seized at Mar-a-Lago, but Cannon overruled the special master she appointed and said the former president would first have a chance to review the seized documents, which may include 200,000 pages.

That wasn't the only way she delayed the case. She set a new deadline of Oct. 5 to finalize a document review vendor, a step Dearie had hoped would have only taken one or two days.

Legal experts were once again stunned by Judge Cannon.

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"Oy," wrote former Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann. "Judge Cannon tinkers badly with (and with typos) Judge Dearie's scheduling order, relieving Trump of obligation to say whether docs were planted, even though she had wanted a clear inventory of what was found."

"She is such a disgrace," Weissmann added.

"It seems being slapped down herself by the 11th circuit didn’t make Judge Cannon any more circumspect," Loyola Law Prof. Jessica Levinson wrote.

National security reporter Marcy Wheeler wrote, "holy hell this woman has no shame."

"Cannon is basically jumping up and down on a scale that her Special Master is supposed to still own," Wheeler said. "It is hilarious, corrupt, shameless, and obvious."

"This is a minor win for Trump’s team, because now they don’t have to essentially disavow their dubious claims that the FBI planted evidence," former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti wrote. "But this doesn’t change the difficult position Trump is in. He still has to take a position regarding every seized document."