‘Wake up’: Key Air Force leader warns against racial problems being dismissed as ‘woke culture’

The top enlisted leader of the U.S. Air Force warned against dismissing the organization's racial challenges as "woke culture."

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass "provides direction for the enlisted force and represents their interests, as appropriate, to the American public and to those in all levels of government." She made the comments during a Facebook town hall, Military.com reported Thursday.

"We do need to wake up," Bass said after being asked about people who dismiss racial disparities as "woke culture."

She suggest they "read the over 17,000 [anonymous] comments from over 100,000 airmen and Guardians that have said there are some challenges."

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said it is clear that women and racial minorities face disparities.

"The data is quite clear on this," Kendall said. "There's not a question about whether it exists or not, as far as I'm concerned."