Passenger groped flight attendants -- then yelled his parents were worth millions after being told to stop: report

A 22-year-old Ohio man was taken into custody on Tuesday after he had to be duct taped to his seat after assaulting a flight attendant in the middle of his flight.

ABC 6 Philadelphia reports that Maxwell Berry of Norwalk, Ohio became belligerent on a flight to Florida after he had a couple of drinks.

At one point he allegedly started grabbing two female flight attendants' breasts, at which point a male flight attendant was called to put Berry back in his seat and to keep an eye on him.

This did not calm Berry, who started screaming at both airline employees and fellow passengers.

"You guys f*cking suck!" he yelled. "My parents are worth $2 million!"

The male flight attendant tried to get him to calm down, at which point Berry punched him. A group of passengers helped the flight staff restrain Berry, who was then duct-taped to his seat for the remainder of the flight.

According to ABC 6 Philadelphia, Berry was "charged with three counts of battery and taken to Miami-Dade County Jail - TGK Correctional Center" after the plane landed.

The flight attendant who duct-taped Berry to his seat has been temporarily suspended pending an investigation, which the airline says is a standard procedure for these incidents.

Watch the video below.