'This is domestic terrorism': Philadelphia GOP commissioner details MAGA death threats against his kids

Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt on Wednesday hammered supporters of former President Donald Trump who have been threatening election officials across the United States.

Appearing before the United States Senate, Schmidt detailed the violent threats he has received ever since Trump lost the state of Pennsylvania in 2020.

"I am a Republican and I believe that counting votes in a democracy is a sacred responsibility," he said. "For doing my job counting votes, I'd like to share with you some of the messages sent to me and my family: 'Tell the truth or your three kids will be fatally shot.'"

Schmidt emphasized that this threat also included the names of his children as well as his family's home address, and also a photo of their house.

The threat concluded by warning, "RINOs steal elections, we steal lives."

Schmidt said that there were even worse threats sent to his family that he was not sharing because they were so "graphic."

"Let's be clear: This is domestic terrorism," Schmidt said. "The whole point is to terrorize, to intimidate, to coerce, and to prevent our democracy from functioning as it should. In my case, this happened in the city where our democracy first began."

Watch the video below.